Meet Bamboo

We are team with years of experience in business development, education, engineering and media creation. We created a company to support our portfolio of companies and we also offer our services to select clients.

Our Services

Interactive education, instructional animations, creative design, interactive Proof Of Concepts, software application development, digital marketing asset creation, turn-key learning management system support and content creation, and strategic marketing support.

Visionary STRATEGY

You are a Visionary and you need others to see your dreams. Bamboo is a corporate visionary’s best friend. We listen, learn and then help you to clearly share your vision and effectively communicate your ideas.


We combine diverse experiences in business and media to deliver effective and creative approaches to engaging your chosen audience.

Business Strategy Concept development

We can help turn your complex ideas into a simple and awesome proof of concept or simulation. Win over your executive board, potential customer, or investment team with our help.


Learn more about how we can bring your vision to life.